Vertical Knowledge Data Will Power TurbineOne Products


CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio, Oct. 24, 2023 -- Vertical Knowledge, a data products, insights, and intelligence company that helps customers solve the world's most complex challenges, has announced a strategic partnership with TurbineOne, the leading provider of no-code, no-cloud national security and intelligence solutions.

Vertical Knowledge will find and analyze data from around the world, adding knowledge and insight to TurbineOne’s Frontline Perception System, a unique machine-learning model-building platform.

 Vertical Knowledge provides solutions to private-sector and government clients, helping them intelligently sort through the universe of publicly available information to find the critical data that provides a competitive edge in business and improves government services.

 “Vertical Knowledge takes seriously its commitment to public service,” said Brian O’Keefe, Vertical Knowledge’s CEO. “We are proud to support key technology relied upon by the government.”

TurbineOne, a U.S. intelligence software company, provides technology solutions to warfighters and those working in challenging, communications-contested environments. TurbineOne’s Frontline Perception System software delivers do-it-yourself Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML) and is fielded by the DoD at its highest technology readiness level (TRL-9). 

“TurbineOne is excited to partner with Vertical Knowledge to seamlessly integrate different sensor inputs that have previously been unavailable to warfighters at the edge," said Ian Kalin, TurbineOne’s CEO. "This partnership will enable warfighters to apply TurbineOne's DIY ML capabilities to a wholly new set of capabilities.”

TurbineOne and Vertical Knowledge believe their strategic partnership will be a model of transparency, accessibility, and ethical innovation in the rapidly evolving sector of technology and data analytics.


Mae Wells-Kress, Director of Marketing, Vertical Knowledge


About TurbineOne

TurbineOne is the frontline perception company. It delivers national security and intelligence solutions through its no-code, no-cloud software platform. Backed by the nation’s leading Defense venture capitalists, TurbineOne is deployed globally with every military branch and U.S. Special Operations.

About Vertical Knowledge

Vertical Knowledge is a dynamic and forward-thinking company specializing in data products, global insights, and intelligence. With a clear mission to assist customers in tackling their most complex challenges, they bring together a powerful combination of advanced methodologies, innovative technology platforms, and an extensive library of dynamic data products.