Tenure, Tradecraft, Technology

The VK Advantage

Tenure, Tradecraft, Technology:
That's the VK Advantage

Vertical Knowledge is a data products, insights, and intelligence company with a mission to help customers solve their most vexing challenges.  

Our mature website collection methodology, unique data fabric, a comprehensive library of dynamic data products, and proprietary technology platforms equip us to comb through a massive amount of globally available open-source data to find, assess, and frame information and insights. 

We cover virtually every industry, ecosystem, and topic. And no matter how complex the subject is, we deliver a distinct decision advantage for our clients. 

Bring us your most difficult challenges. We can analyze global supply chains for automotive and munitions manufacturers. Inspect pricing and discount patterns for consumer products as diverse as technology and tennis shoes. Even drive deep insights for decision-makers in industries from telecommunications to health care to semiconductors. In short: There's almost no publicly available data we can't find, organize and supply with a level of insight and intelligence suited for your specific need. 


Here's why.

We're a team of specialists with the skill, intelligence, expertise, and technology to harness unprecedented quantities of global data. We inform critical decisions for the nation's highest priority units, essential agencies, and economically important commercial clients. And we can help you. No matter what your challenge may be.