Real Estate


Real Estate

Aggregated Data for Turn-Key Analysis

Vertical Knowledge’s (VK’s) Refined Information Real Estate product is built to provide critical insights into the housing market. By leveraging our library of raw data collections comprised of multiple real estate and apartment rental datasets with historical data dating as far back as 2016, users gain a better understanding of market demand, pricing, and areas poised for population growth throughout the United States. Delivered data products are pre-processed and readily available for easy analysis.


Multiple sources to collect

Aggregated sources delivered in a single data output

Tens of thousands of files to ingest

Single file to ingest

Large file sizes over 100GB

Small file size under 10MB

Trillions of rows to analyze

Finite amount (under 100K) of rows to analyze

Time-consuming preparation and analysis

Preprocessed data for quick and easy analysis


Filter Averaged Data By:

  • Location
  • Estimated Price
  • Sold Price
  • Property Type
  • Square Footage
  • Price Per Square Foot
  • Bedroom and Bathroom Counts
  • Property Age

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Real Estate Product Overview