VERTICAL KNOWLEDGE at the 4th annual beryl elites Alternative investment & innovation conference


Nataliya Bugayova, Director of Strategic Insights at Vertical Knowledge, spoke on Geopolitics and Economics of the New World Order at the 2022 Beryl Elites conference this summer. Watch the video below.

Geopolitics and Economics of the New World Order: How to minimize geopolitical risk exposure and stay on top of a changing international environment that includes a war in Europe and decoupling with China.


MARK FLEMING-WILLIAMS, Communication Director, Exabel 


MARKO KANGRGA, Head of Data and Science Innovation, RavenPack 

NATALIYA BUGAYOVA, Director of Strategic Insights, Vertical Knowledge 

BEN EMMONS, Managing Director, Global Macro Strategy, Medley Advisors 

PETER MARBER, PhD, Head of Emerging Markets, Aperture Investors


Vertical Knowledge allows me to combine my passion for technology, open-source intelligence, and national security. It was a pleasure to discuss at the Beryl Elites conference how Vertical Knowledge’s platform and data help customers understand some of the most complex problems of today.

Nataliya Bugayova

Director, Strategic Insights


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