A secure platform for writing compliant public data crawlers


Once we connect you to the web, utilize popular public data libraries to create spiders and start public crawler management at scale


Leverage AWS Lambda for processing collection and preparing results for consumption at lowered cost to traditional server infrastructure, cloud or otherwise


Raw HTML, parsed HTML, enrichments, fully-formed documents, images, videos, and other files are all cached and saved into platform infrastructure


Enrich public data results through processes that leverage third-party data transformation capabilities


Configurable audit tools to ensure consistent data quality in dynamic data environments


From MS Excel, Tableau, or JSON, your data is available to integrate into your favorite analytical platform


The Collect platform architecture ensures complete control over how web crawlers run over the Internet and interact with target websites, including: rate limiting, 'Terms of Use' enforcement, and real time site error monitoring. This configuration ensures developers and automated systems alike are limited in their ability to create or generate data not aligned with your unique compliance guidelines.

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